My debut album is almost ready

After releasing several EPs and some singles, I feel the time is right to release a full length album. The songs are ready, and have been sent to mastering, so the first step is done. I hope to release it late this autumn, and I am pretty excited about it all.

The working title of the album is “Miles to go before I sleep”, based on the last two lines of Robert Frost’s poem “Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening”. The songs are being mastered right now, and I am working on the tracklisting, which is really difficult. I guess the debutant nerves make it even harder.

So far I have 14 songs ready, but some may go after I have had a quality testing round before release. 2 or 3 songs from my previous EPs may be included, but I haven’t decided 100% yet. I am considering several release options, cd/digital/streaming or only digital/streaming.

On my EPs, I have collaborated with several vocalists, but this time I have done most of the vocals myself.

For a new song called “Moments that can’t be captured” I asked friends and followers on my social media to record themselves reading a poem of mine, and I have used their voices on the song. It became quite touching to hear the finished version, both for me and the readers. The lovely people who read come from all over the world, so it is really an international project. They all added so much emotion and so much of their personality – or personal intepretation – to the song, and I found that very, very touching.

The songs are a good mix between upbeat popsongs and more reflective, slower songs. Some are more guitar-based and some are more based on electronics. A mix between electronic pop, dreampop and shoegaze, with some folky elements and a good dose of experimentation? Maybe.

The cover art is done, and I have made a series of collages in style with the main cover. I have printed 4 of them as art cards, which will be sold in packs of 4 cards with 4 different motives at the time of release. I have only printed 25 of each and will not print more, so it will be a limited edition.

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