Wintersongs EP

Release Date: 2015-12-01
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Nostalgic Winter/Christmas EP

Three songs, – all with a wintery theme..

I usually spend a long time finishing my songs, – usually a week or two just composing, before I start the mixing and clean-up. On this EP, everything was made surprisingly quickly, over a couple of days.

The instrumental song “Icicles”, which is kind of a calm, melancholic and uplifting tune, was made on a day when depression and anxiety hit me hard.

Strangely enough, my light and happy songs are often made when I am deep down, and the sadder songs are made on happy days. I guess it is what I need in those moments, and it’s when I am happy that I am able to touch the sad feelings without going even deeper down.

The lead track, “When the snow was whiter”, is a nostalgic look back at the days when we, as children, had no worries and just experienced the beauty and the joy of playing, sensing and being in the moment. The snow was whiter in those days, and Christmas never came too early.

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Available Lyrics

There was a time
when the snow was whiter,
and Christmas never came too early.

There was a time
when the snow was whiter,
and waking up to snow
didn’t mean I had to plough it away.

The simple things made us happy
The simple things made our day.

Album Review

""Wintersongs" features three tracks, two of which are instrumentals. And those are pleasant enough, but the vocal track--"When The Snow Was Whiter"--is the one that takes my breath away. And you should get the idea straight off. As we grow older, we look back on the days and years past with an idealized view, which was never the reality. I guess it's a bit of a survival mechanism.

On the other hand, it's neither true nor healthy nor productive to strive to get back to an era in time that never existed in the way we like to remember it. Living through it as an adult, I never though anyone would be nostalgic for the eighties. But, today, people are.
So when Featherfin sings that the snow used to be whiter, what he's actually saying is that we used to be so much more innocent when we were young. When we were young, all we could see was the whiteness of the snow. Now, no matter how hard we look, all we see is the soot. It's the same snow, basically; it's a matter of how our minds and hearts process the information."
- Stubby's house of Christmas - a blog focused on modern Christmas songs