The Crimson Spill/Nananarama

Release Date: 2015-03-12
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My favourite Featherfin-songs?

A double A-sided single that was really fun to make. It was the first songs I made after I introduced electric guitars and bass in my music.

I really enjoyed making these songs, and I think it is two of my personal favourites from the songs I have released.

On both of these songs, I made lots of fun recordings around the house, – the sound of kitchen utensils, banging on pillows, mouth noises, playing guitar with other objects than a plectrum etc.. These sounds were then processed in the sampler with effects, filters etc..

Today, when I hear these songs, I often wonder “how did I make that sound?” and even “that tiny little melody far in the background was really beautiful, – did I really make that?”

I would really appreciate it if you added one of these songs – or both – to your playlists on Spotify. It will help me a lot. Thank you in advance!

You can find the Spotify link below the album cover.

Available lyrics

You came home on a Sunday morning,
kicking off your Sunday shoes,
We’re so used to your best behavior
It’s so nice to see you shaking loose.

We climb up on the roof together
to watch the crimson spill
It’s so nice when the world awakens
fading stars,

and you hold my hand,
and you hold my hand

Well, the lyrics are easy…

Just repeat Nananarama in various ways +
Add some Nanananananarama’s here and there.

I think you will remember the lyrics for this one. I am pretty sure.

Album Review

"Superb synth-y pop with organic elements, so dense and lush you can get lost in it, and it was all done on an iPad! Amazing."
- Jeremy Jensen in a Bandcamp review