Finally, some news from me about the album release-date, art and more.

My album has a release date!

If everything goes according to the plan, I will release “Miles to Go Before I Sleep” on September 21. It will be out on limited edition CD (225 ex), digital and streaming. The CD will be a double (!) CD, where cd 1 will be my new album and cd 2 will be “Past Paths”, a collection of my singles and EPs. And there will be a booklet with lyrics and my artworks.

The cd will be released by the fine Spanish label Kocliko Records, who have previously released great records by The Very Most, Tomiji (of Pale Spectres), Business of Dreams and others.

The digital version will feature 12 songs, where 9 are new and 3 (Helen Richey/The Crimson Spill/Nananarama) are new versions/mixes of older songs. The cd-version will also have 2 bonus tracks.

The first single from the album will be “Keep on Walking”, out 14th of August.

“Keep on Walking” is an upbeat dreampop/shoegazey song about the long walk out of depression. That sounds sad, but I think it is kind of uplifting. The sound is both soft and rough.

// Knut